Wednesday, January 22, 2020

George Orwells Animal Farm Essay -- George Orwell Animal Farm Essays

George Orwell's Animal Farm Mollie- Represents the rich and noble of Russia at the time (esp. the Czar and his family). Those who fled Revolutionist Russia, because they had had a better life beforehand, and were un-willing to accept change. The messages that Orwell is trying to express through Mollie are directly opposite to the actions which are displayed through Benjamin. Although they were both unwilling to accept change, their actions were very different. The message that Orwell is conveying through Mollie is that you shouldn't just quit because things get tough. Quotes- 'Mollie, the foolish, pretty white mare.' page2 'Will there still be sugar after the rebellion?' page10 'Mollie refused to learn any but the six letters that made up her own name.' page20 'In the end, however, she was found hiding in her stall with her head buried among the hay in her manger. She had taken flight as soon as the gun went off' page27 First page and a 1/4 of chapter five, page 28 Benjamin- No direct character link to the Russian revolution, but very closely linked to the members of the older generation who were suspicious of the revolution, and set in their ways. They had found that life was hard, whatever happened, and so did nothing to try and change it. Benjamin is the original stubborn mule, he is not fooled by Napoleons propaganda, or the promises that life will be better for him. He knows that life is tough, and nothing will ever change that. However, Orwell is trying to communicate that you shouldn't always say nothing, that when you really feel for a cause (e.g., Benjamin with the death of Boxer) you should always speak out. Quotes- 'Benjamin was the oldest animal on the farm, and th... ...the public, the government can control the country a lot easier. There are still examples of such extreme propaganda which have gone on in the recent past. For example, the Gulf war in the early 1990's escalated so quickly, mainly due to conflicting propaganda. The government of Iraq were telling it's public that the Europeans were on Kuwait's side, and that they were only doing it so that they could have Kuwait's oil. The Europeans didn't realise why having the land that Kuwait owned was so important to the people of Iraq. Another message conveyed by Orwell through Squealer is that everyone should have freedom of speech. By progressing the novel so that the animals eventually become slaves of the pigs, and don't have a say in their lives, Orwell is expressing his view that if only the strong get their voice heard, the weak will eventually loose out.

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